Is it better to get a male or female Rottweiler?
Rottweiler  This breed is strong and valid for protection and fulfillment. Warmly called Rotties or Rotts, the breed began in Germany, where it was utilized to drive steers and force trucks for ranchers and butchers. That legacy is reflected in the Rottie’s expansive chest and vigorously ripped body. When he moves, he shows quality and stamina, yet when you investigate his eyes you see warm, dim darker pools mirroring a smooth, astute, alert, and intrepid articulation.
A well-reared Rottweiler is quiet and certain. He’s commonly detached toward outsiders, yet never meek or dreadful. dogs display a “keep a watch out” disposition when gone up against with new individuals and circumstances. At the point when these attributes meet up as they should, the Breed is a characteristic watchman hound with a smooth air who is effective not just in the police, military, and traditions work yet in addition as a family companion and defender.
selection criteria
Choosing a male or female  is completely a matter of personal preference

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