bite threat seems finest from pit bulls and dogs with huge, short heads


most of the eighty-three million puppies owned within the united states are peaceful, pleasant animals which are regarded as a loving, non-threatening circle of relatives individuals. but, similar to many commonplace family implements, which include knives and scissors, which are normally properly used, however once, in a while reason injuries, dogs can purpose damage under sure instances.
consistent with the centers for ailment manage and Prevention (CDC), 4.7 million people within u.s. are bitten via puppies every 12 months. even as eighty percent of those bites are enormously minor and do not require scientific interest, the closing 20 percent range of their severity, with a few inflicting permanent scarring or even loss of life. children make up extra than 1/2 of the sufferers of dog bites (fifty-nine percent), and in keeping with the CDC, the people who require remedy after dog bites are predominantly youngsters aged 5 to 9 years.
through the years, some the studies have advised that a few dog breeds are greater liable to harming humans than others, although there may be nevertheless an awful lot controversy approximately these conclusions. however, given the fact that we are often handling the safety of younger children in a family, it’s far important that as an awful lot records as possible should be gathered.
so with that during thoughts, I was thrilled to look a brand new piece of research published by way of a research team headed with the aid of dr. garth Essig, an otolaryngologist (additionally known as an ear, nostril, and throat medical doctor, or ent) at Ohio state college’s Wexner medical middle. he notes, “we desired to provide households with information to help them determine the chance to their youngsters and inform them on which forms of dogs do well in households with youngsters.” the studies became finished at nationwide children’s medical institution in Columbus, Ohio, and the college of Virginia health system in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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