How to understand the language of dogs

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Learning how to communicate with your dog is fundamental in order to live together in a balanced and positive way. Moreover, it will allow you to improve the bond between you because you will finally understand what he is trying to tell you. On many occasions, poor communication between the dog and the owner can lead to unwanted behaviour. And all this for a lack of non-verbal, i.e. physical communication, admit it’s not worth it anyway! That’s why at PlaneteAnimal we will guide you so that you know how to understand the language of dogs and the signs of appeasement that they transmit to us through a plethora of signals. We invite you to continue your reading so that you can learn how to communicate optimally with your pet.

Here we give you the exact definition of what a sign of appeasement is: It is the set of postures, looks, facial expressions and movements that dogs produce in order to free themselves from stress, to calm a tense situation, to wave the flag of their peaceful intentions or to make us understand that they are in an emotional state.

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