How to make your dog obey you better

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Discover these practical tips to make your dog obey you better. No need to eat before him, to make him work to have the right to eat or to refuse to pet him if he comes to see you when you haven’t called him.

One of the best ways to improve obedience is to become more interesting

1- Congratulate without ambiguity

When you praise your dog, you let your satisfaction express itself, but you can use this satisfaction as a learning tool.

Master the words you use to praise your dog, as well as the intonation and enthusiasm you put into it. You can praise moderately, cheerfully and exaggeratedly depending on your level of satisfaction.

For example, when you have just learned the command “no touching”:

Yes! when your dog sniffs a piece of ham that has fallen on the ground without catching it after a “no touch” (because it’s good).

Yes  ! with a caress when your dog looks a little bit at the piece of ham but does not sniff it after a “no touch” (because it is better)

Great  with lots of caresses the time your dog immediately loses interest in the piece of ham after a “not touching” (because it’s perfect)

Your dog will trust your voice if it sends clear messages.


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