07 Things a Good Master Won’t Do to Their Dog

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According to recent statics, there are 75 million pet dogs in the US alone and they are amongst the most desired pets in the world. Owning and training a dog is one of the most amazing and rewarding experiences anyone can go through. There are however a few major mistakes that most dog owners make and some important things that they neglect which can put their dog’s health at risk.

Here at ProfileDogs, we decided to share with you some professional dog care tips that will change both your and your pets life.

Leave the dog in the car

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No matter how nice and cool the weather is outside, the greenhouse effect can heat up a car within minutes and the least that could happen to the poor thing is that they could become overheated and ill. The longer they wait in an overheated car, the worse the consequences are for their health and they could potentially die.

This happens because dogs have limited sweat glands, which causes them to feel the heat and sweat a lot more than humans. In some countries it is illegal to leave a dog in the car because it is a life-threatening situation and it is considered animal neglect and cruelty.

So, if you need to be someplace, always take your dog with you if dogs are allowed because leaving your dog in the car shouldn’t be an option.
If you see a dog in someone’s car, try to locate the owner, get the license plate number of the car, and notify the authorities immediately.

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