A dog isn’t only a cute, big toy for you or your kids to play with — it’s a huge responsibility for the entire family to take on. Scientists have proven that our pets don’t always like when we do certain things to them. For example, they may not be the biggest fans of constant hugging or teasing, and may only tolerate such behavior because they care about us so much.

Ignoring dog training


All creatures, even people, need rules to avoid chaos. And while with cats these rules are more or less obvious — they’re independent creatures who walk around on their own. However, we can’t say the same about dogs. They need training and to follow rules that can’t be broken. Otherwise, your dog can turn into a spoiled, lazy pet, who will eat your favorite pair of shoes. For example, your dog must know its name and commands like, “sit,” “heel,” “stay,” “wait,” “off,” and “no”. During training, the master:

builds a healthy positive relationship with the dog.
teaches the dog how to behave in society and interact with others.
improves the communication skills of the dog.
gives the dog enough exercises to keep its muscles toned and provides emotional release……………….. Read More 👇👇👇👇

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